Come On, Eileen

8 Jan

The winter is not kind to a runner’s mentality. (Though neither is the blistering summer heat.) Every morning that I set my alarm to get up and going this week…the frosted tint on my windows called below-freezing led me to stay in bed just a smidge longer. What gives? At this rate, I’ll be running the marathon in my mind—26.2 miles of pure imagination!

But excuses will not do! Earlier this week, I met Ali Sweeney (you know her as the host for The Biggest Loser and her 18-year run as Sami on Days of our Lives) at a kick-off celebration for her new book, The Mommy Diet. First off, let’s just put it out there that she looked 100 kinds of gorgeous! (Sign up me for that plan of yours, girl.) We chatted about her newest job as author and whom she hopes to target with the book (she assured me that even non-mamas will learn a thing or two!). To challenge that, I popped open the hardcover on my commute home and dug in. I came across the following passage, which, let’s be honest – totally kicked me into gear!

“Before you begin, though, you need to understand the bottom line when it comes to taking good care of yourself: You have to want to do this, and you have to acknowledge that you’re the only one who can do it. You’re the one who will have to get to the gym or a yoga class, or get out for a walk or a run. You’re the one who will have to buy the healthier groceries—and eat them (not junk!), too. You’re the one who will have to make sure you’re getting you time. No one can do it for you.”

So despite my want to be a cavegirl this AM, I got my behind out of the Brooklyn warmth and made my way into the not-so winter wonderland. (If you haven’t been to New York when it snows, you aren’t missing out. The minute it hits the ground…the white powder turns to a black tar-esque substance instantaneously.) Thanks to “Come on Eileen” on repeat (guilty pleasure, guys)—I had a terrific run. Prospect Park is good for the soul (and legs).


Well, Welcome

31 Dec

Okay, confessions of a twenty-something anti-drama queen: I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, folks. There. I said it. I’m an absolute fool. Now we can all breathe a bit easier, eh? It seems only fitting that I am writing the inaugural post to runSTUPIDrun (one foot in front of the other is my new mantra!) on the eve of a new decade. What a funny tradition. A New Year, culturally, is the ultimate baptism. Every December 31st, when the clock strikes midnight, we get to sip champagne (enter: drink of choice) and dip our heads into the figurative river of life-shattering change. This year, as we so often tell ourselves, will be better, greater, bolder, and fuller. But in my opinion, we are all the masters (and madams) of our own destinies. So stop thinking and just DO!

My decision to train for the 2011 ING NYC marathon is by no means a revolution. Hell, my legs may give out in March! But the way I see it—the world is too big and too beautiful not to try something new. So here’s to a NEW YEAR, FOOLISH DECISIONS, JOY, and PIE (preferably of the key lime variety.) Hope to see you all soon! Stay tuned for plenty of BENGAY and interval training nightmares. The fun has just begun.