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Sunday Runday

5 Apr

Happy April, kiddos! Currently writing to you all while gloriously bathing in Adele’s sophomore release. I use a grooming adjective because her voice is so luxurious that you actually want to soak in it. Can’t.Get.Enough. (Kat’s life advice corner: If you only do one great thing for yourself today—listen to “Someone Like You.” You’ll simultaneously sway and ache a little. She’s that good. Your soul will thank you. Promise.)

So for those that know anything about my life, you know that the past month has been heavy. It’s been full (awesome) steam ahead to say the least! And it seems like the only times that I’ve been able to breathe (or even think for that matter) have been in motion. Ironic, I know. Coincidentally, I have been running more often (not a bad thing) and also longer (also not terrible.) Luckily for us New Yorkers, the weather has brightened a bit. (I am totally ignoring the sleet that occurred on Friday. That did not exist in my mind.) So you bet your pretty blue/green/brown/gray eyes that I took full-freaking advantage of it!

Yesterday, Sheila (a co-entrant in the ING) and I met at Columbus Circle for a jog through Central Park. She is a Queens inhabitant and I of Brooklyn so Manhattan was a nice change of faux-foliage for the both of us! We looked tres chic in our matching black tights (I seriously wish I would’ve documented it). Unfortunately, my Garmin was acting up (damn you satellites) and I wasn’t able to get mileage on our run but it was a 50-minute jog thanks to my Blackberry that I trudged along. Not too bad for a Sunday rendezvous!

This is Sheils and I! Sans the tights. But still totally adorable.

Usually, when I am at the gym, I am only able to focus on increasing my speed per mile since I have severe ADD issues in a stationary position. But when I run outside, I am definitely honing in on my endurance. (All while trying to stay within my training pace of 9:40-10:10 minute miles.)

Today was a definitive Prospect Park day—despite what my legs were telling me (seriously felt like my whole body was full of sand!) Throughout my mid-evening run, I kept referring back to yesterday (as it was so lovely to have a running partner in stride). I definitely do not days like that lightly. Thanks Sheila for the run, the laughs, and the Sunday motivation! You can go ahead and make that check out to awesome. Heart!

Countdown to 4-miler in Central Park: 19 Days!