Late Night Pep Talk (via USPS)

26 Mar

After an ever-satisfying meal at Greensquare Tavern this evening, I came home to a small white box. Nevermind the uber-me post-its (based on one of my favorite children’s books) or the glow-in-the-dark creepy crawlers. Nope. This particular (early) birthday package had a little marathon inspiration. Which got me to thinking about small things and awesome people.

A dear friend of mine left for the Peace Corps this week. (And she also happens to be the sender of said box.) Better yet? She’s a marathon finisher! Though she didn’t run Cross Country with me in High School, she has been such an effervescent force in my training (and just sheer will) to do this in the first place. How clever of her to send me all her favorite flavors of Clif Energy Gel for when I get to the longer runs! I will definitely be saving them, E. Couldn’t have come at a better time…seriously.

Thanks to all those who continue to cheer me on despite where I am in life!


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