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Express Yourself (Hey, Madonna’s Words-Not Mine)

30 Mar

We all have different cardio preferences when it comes to the gym. Some of us of are elliptical junkies. (Um, hello—have you met my oscillopsia?) A few of us still fancy the Stairmaster. And then there’s the stationary bike crew. (Although, where are you guys—it seems that row is ALWAYS empty and “miraculously” broken.) And while I am not planning our honeymoon anytime soon, I definitely have to say that the treadmill is the one for me.

Especially when I discovered New York Sports Club heaven. AKA long distance treadmills. If you have never run on one before—I highly suggest it. You notice the difference (in comparison to their “normal” counterparts) just by the site of them, as their running platforms are made to simulate wooden panels (almost like trail running) and the front end is completely open. This allows you to get a full, open stride sans the shin splits or locked knees! They have always been taken in the past (thank you, gym owls) so I haven’t bothered to wait but their recently discovered glory is worth the awkward seriously-are-you-done-yet glares. Every time I hop on, I really hone in on my form and always go just a bit longer. (Also, just a human observation. Others don’t run like they have barbells attached to their ankles when they use them. Just a friendly, semi-nudging tip from one gym-goer to another.)

Today, while I was working out I was alternating between a re-run of Glee and the newest episode of The Biggest Loser. You all know how much I love me some Ali Sweeney! But today it was Jillian that really got to me. In the midst of working out with her team, someone started talking about how getting “back on track” with their weight and their body made them love everything again. Jillian then asked what they wanted with their life. They said, “to love it all.” And Jillian simply said,

See what you did there? You expressed your needs and the world didn’t friggin’ stop.”

And it got me thinking. About life and about needs. About hearing mine and those of everyone around me. And about tuning into them more often. Perhaps we’d all get a little bit more out of our days if we told each other what we needed. (But also gave in return–effortlessly, humbly, and harmonically.) Just a thought for this Tuesday evening.


Late Night Pep Talk (via USPS)

26 Mar

After an ever-satisfying meal at Greensquare Tavern this evening, I came home to a small white box. Nevermind the uber-me post-its (based on one of my favorite children’s books) or the glow-in-the-dark creepy crawlers. Nope. This particular (early) birthday package had a little marathon inspiration. Which got me to thinking about small things and awesome people.

A dear friend of mine left for the Peace Corps this week. (And she also happens to be the sender of said box.) Better yet? She’s a marathon finisher! Though she didn’t run Cross Country with me in High School, she has been such an effervescent force in my training (and just sheer will) to do this in the first place. How clever of her to send me all her favorite flavors of Clif Energy Gel for when I get to the longer runs! I will definitely be saving them, E. Couldn’t have come at a better time…seriously.

Thanks to all those who continue to cheer me on despite where I am in life!

Oh Hey March, Didn’t See You There

5 Mar

So apparently it’s March – who knew? Or at least that is what my calendar, my blackberry, my pay stub, and the world is telling me. (Oh, did I leave out basketball? My bad.) To that I say…bienvenido marzo! Training-wise, I can already tell that it is going to be a tres excellent month. I triple-pinkie swore myself (yeah, imagine what that would look like) that I would make a STEADY workout schedule and stick to it. If you know the eccentric inner-workings of my personality at all, you know that I like “life goals”—big and small. Kat, today you WILL go grocery shopping. If I put it on a post-it note, fuhgeddaboutit—there’s no way I can break it! Post-its = divinity of some sort in this household. Therefore, I have officially vowed to fit some form of exercise into my too-busy-to-breathe-at-times schedule FOUR times a week. (Ideally aiming for Saturday/Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday in case you were itching to know.) And success! Not only did I reach my goal this week; but I am feeling healthier, happier, and a little bit too acquainted with the gym’s TV channels. (I watch while running, so sue me!)

March means FLOWERS!

Last weekend, Adriana and I used the second of our cycling passes at Cycle Bar. This time, we had the session’s regular instructor, Emma. Uhm. I will gladly spin to Swedish pop and Madonna remixes any day if Emma tells me to. I bow down to her wheeled ways! Compared to the class last week (which I still loved and sweated my behind off in, no worries), I was so happy to see more variation in the workout. (Apparently you can do jumps on a stationary Schwinn, who knew?) I often worry that when I get to the bigger mileage in my training, without a running partner, I am going to legitimately keel over from BOREDOM. A kickass mix featuring back-to-back mixes of whip-my-hair (why yes, don’t mind if I do) Willow will only get me so far. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to use the rest of the Living Social deal tomorrow evening! Probably the best $20 I have spent in quite a while.

Also, in running news this week, I have decided to sign up for a race. Screw the marathon! Just kidding—isn’t that why we are all gathered here today? (Wow, that sounded sermon-esque.) But I do feel like I need something to work towards with a faster expiration date. So, in perfect harmony with receiving my New York Road Runner’s membership card in the mail – I settled on a 4-mile jaunt in Central Park on April 23rd. Cannot wait!

So, as I sit here with my Brooklyn Bread bagel (of the chocolate variety), I officially dedicate all further Prospect Park runs (like the one today!) to the beautiful and inspiring month of March. Let’s get down to business, eh?