I Want to Ride My Bicycle

21 Feb

So the spinning curse has officially been broken. Thank the wheeled and padded gel-seat Gods at the newly opened Cycle Bar in Park Slope – you all are too kind! (The British accents were easy on the ears as well.) This evening’s trip was part of a three-part deal courtesy of Living Social, a coupon site that functions by the likes of Groupon. Adriana and I were able to get the classes at 75% off. NYC-ers you should definitely subscribe! (Though admittedly, this is definitely one of the better deals that I’ve seen.)

But back to the important stuff. If you haven’t been to a hardcore spinning studio before—let me set the mood. Essentially, it is church on a bike. The lights are dimmed (minus one or two that spotlight the tightly-clothed instructor)—this allows you to put the pedal to the metal in total darkness, amen! Next, the music is PERFECTLY timed to the workout. Seriously, people. It’s as if Janet Jackson is legitimately belting it out to the syncopated rhythm of your stationary sprinting. Today Ed chose tunes that were a bit more instrumental/tribal a la The Lion King. Personally, I prefer ones that I can attempt to sing along to while I am dying…but hey—whatever floats your Schwinn!

Fierce on a tricycle!

Compared to my experience at Soul Cycle on the Upper East Side (and I will be the first to admit that I had a lot of extraneous factors swirling around at the time)—today’s workout was sensational. Adriana and I chose the one-hour endurance ride, which consisted of 60-second sprints followed by 30 to 60-second recuperations + 5-7 minute long resistance “hills” where you pedal standing up. The resistance knob went up to 5 and the highest we got was up to 4 (usually going up in intervals of ¼), but trust me—working out at 4 actually felt like drudging through the mud. Good thing the music was blaring and the room was dark because I am pretty sure (make that positive) my mouth was muttering some not-so-pleasant phrases during those parts.

Today’s workout was such a welcomed change of pace. I’ve been especially conflicted lately in differentiating between how far my legs can actually run and how far my mind wants to go. But in an hour class (opposed to a run that could “last forever”), alongside 3 others (have mostly been training by myself), the group momentum was a much-needed boost. And it proved to me that I am nearing a point of fitness, which is exciting!

Math equation of the day: darkness + uncomfortable bike seat + burning thighs + the phrase “just 30 seconds more” + Rafiki-esque tunes + smooth sound of spinning = pure joy, my friends! Can’t wait for round #2.


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