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I’d Like that Run on Ice, Please

23 Jan

Running pump-up song of the day: “Hard Times” (Featuring Black Thought) by John Legend & The Roots

It is always a brilliant sign when you go to check the Weather Channel (okay, so it was – sue me!) and the report reads: “New York – High: 20°F (but feels like 7°.) Now if that doesn’t make a girl want to slap on a pair of Gortex pants and get goin’—I don’t know what would! (JUST kidding.) But against my better judgment, I suited up and braved the Arctic Chill. [Side note: What do all you other intense runners wear on days like today?]

Though it wasn’t exactly a magnificent work-out, not quite sure why I psych myself out like that. I’ve done much tougher things in my life. Swallowed live minnows (don’t ask—that was a low moment in my youth), fell off a raft during a category 3 white water wave (there are excellent pictures to document that), and ate pigeon stew very much against my will (note: this pigeon met its fate AGAINST my homestay’s kitchen shutter. Oh yes.) So what’s a little 13 MPH wind on your face? Eh?

In other news! Look at what came in the mail this week. My bright orange (won’t this look EXCELLENT with my hot pink Nike shorts) ING Marathon 2011 Training shirt! Thanks NY Road Runners for making my week. I am definitely putting this in the back of my closet until the warmer weather and until I feel like I am truly in training mode. (I’m not even cataloguing my miles yet! Shh, no one tell my father. Even though he is probably going to see this and call me to chat about that.) But knowing it is there is an extraordinary motivator on days like today. Can’t wait until the day when I get to wear it and FULLY rock it!


Come On, Eileen

8 Jan

The winter is not kind to a runner’s mentality. (Though neither is the blistering summer heat.) Every morning that I set my alarm to get up and going this week…the frosted tint on my windows called below-freezing led me to stay in bed just a smidge longer. What gives? At this rate, I’ll be running the marathon in my mind—26.2 miles of pure imagination!

But excuses will not do! Earlier this week, I met Ali Sweeney (you know her as the host for The Biggest Loser and her 18-year run as Sami on Days of our Lives) at a kick-off celebration for her new book, The Mommy Diet. First off, let’s just put it out there that she looked 100 kinds of gorgeous! (Sign up me for that plan of yours, girl.) We chatted about her newest job as author and whom she hopes to target with the book (she assured me that even non-mamas will learn a thing or two!). To challenge that, I popped open the hardcover on my commute home and dug in. I came across the following passage, which, let’s be honest – totally kicked me into gear!

“Before you begin, though, you need to understand the bottom line when it comes to taking good care of yourself: You have to want to do this, and you have to acknowledge that you’re the only one who can do it. You’re the one who will have to get to the gym or a yoga class, or get out for a walk or a run. You’re the one who will have to buy the healthier groceries—and eat them (not junk!), too. You’re the one who will have to make sure you’re getting you time. No one can do it for you.”

So despite my want to be a cavegirl this AM, I got my behind out of the Brooklyn warmth and made my way into the not-so winter wonderland. (If you haven’t been to New York when it snows, you aren’t missing out. The minute it hits the ground…the white powder turns to a black tar-esque substance instantaneously.) Thanks to “Come on Eileen” on repeat (guilty pleasure, guys)—I had a terrific run. Prospect Park is good for the soul (and legs).