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Well, Welcome

31 Dec

Okay, confessions of a twenty-something anti-drama queen: I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, folks. There. I said it. I’m an absolute fool. Now we can all breathe a bit easier, eh? It seems only fitting that I am writing the inaugural post to runSTUPIDrun (one foot in front of the other is my new mantra!) on the eve of a new decade. What a funny tradition. A New Year, culturally, is the ultimate baptism. Every December 31st, when the clock strikes midnight, we get to sip champagne (enter: drink of choice) and dip our heads into the figurative river of life-shattering change. This year, as we so often tell ourselves, will be better, greater, bolder, and fuller. But in my opinion, we are all the masters (and madams) of our own destinies. So stop thinking and just DO!

My decision to train for the 2011 ING NYC marathon is by no means a revolution. Hell, my legs may give out in March! But the way I see it—the world is too big and too beautiful not to try something new. So here’s to a NEW YEAR, FOOLISH DECISIONS, JOY, and PIE (preferably of the key lime variety.) Hope to see you all soon! Stay tuned for plenty of BENGAY and interval training nightmares. The fun has just begun.